The Exclusively Green Initiative

Hotel luxury needn't cost the Earth!

Despite the environment making headlines so often, few of us are working for employers who could be considered 'green'. According to a TUC report, more than half of the UK's employers are failing to do their bit to conserve energy in the workplace.

Pennyhill Eco-tourism Hotel Resort in Surrey, EnglandHoping to lead the way!

As a result of this, we decided to make a concerted effort to implement responsible, measurable and continuous processes that fold naturally into our working lives and perhaps set an example within our industry.

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Exclusively Green was born from a collective, genuine concern from our employees, about how we can reduce the impact our business has on the environment without compromising our five star product and service.

We know we are making bold statements which need to operate within strict environmental legislation, so considerable investment and time was spent on research and foundation findings, to see what our carbon footprint was and where we could start to make an impact.

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It's your choice

We have put in place a little 'green' pack which invites our guests to make a concious decision to make their stay more environmentally friendly without compromising five-star service.

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Positive progress

We are proud to report our first steps are already in place and you can follow our developments here as they emerge. 

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Danny Pecorelli, Managing Director



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The Exclusively Green Initiative

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